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Wood County Elementary School Counselors

Chris Daggett                   Andrea Moore      

Kurt Echard                       Megan Noble

Aaron Ellis                         Patricia Sinnett

Brian Elms                         Greg Syner

Chris Hartline                   Lynn VanFossen 

Teri King                             Sherri Wilkinson

Our Mission

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Wood County Schools Board of Education Members:

Lawrence Hasbargen, President

Jimmy Asbury, Vice-President

Peggy Smith

Ron Tice

Eric "Rick" Tennant

Our vision is to work as a community to inspire a passion for learning, pursue excellence and empower students to reach their potential.

This website was developed by the Wood County Schools' counselors to provide teachers with lessons and links to promote the character development of Wood County students. The themes are designed to provide a contiuum of career and character education resources for both teachers and parents.  

    Nestled along the  beautiful Ohio River, Wood County is the fifth most populated county in the state of West Virginia. Wood County Schools is the fourth largest school district in the state with close to 13,000 students and twenty-nine schools.

Wood County Secondary School Counselors

Christy Bixman                   Carla McCay

Erin Deitzler                        Carolyn Mitchell

Brianna Edwards                Maggie Ohneck

Angela Evans                       Brian Sprague

Michele Fling                      Jayne Tebay

Paula Franklin                     Cynthia Woody

Gwen Justice                      Amber Wilson

Beth Larsen

Wood County Schools Superintendent:

John Flint

Website Editor:

Cathy Grewe, Coordinator of Student Services